Bryan Richards (not to be confused with H. Bryan Richards of the quorum of the Seventy) has been a lifetime member. He was born into an active home where the doctrines of the gospel were discussed regularly. He served a mission in the Orient and returned to the usual pursuits of family and education. He is a husband and father of four sons and has served in several church capacities, including gospel doctrine teacher, high council, and bishop. He currently serves in his ward as Primary pianist. All in all, he is a "run-of-the-mill" member with an undying interest and fascination for the doctrines of the gospel. If there is a paragraph in this website which does not reference another author, it was written by the author/editor. He takes full responsibility for the correctness of the principles taught, and the overall content of this website.

Website Creation/Editor

Current website: Ryan Constantine is a lifetime member. He served as a missionary in the Tokyo North Mission in the early 90's. He is a husband and father of four children. He is currently a programmer for a major Northern California hospital system's pharmacy department and has developed and contributed to countless web sites as a freelance web programmer. He has served in many positions including clerk, executive secretary, teacher, scout leader, emergency prep specialist, and Elders quorum president. He redid the website in 2012 with a launch date of Jan 1st, 2013. He also did the Jan 1st, 2017 refresh of the site.

Original website: Nathan Boone has also been a lifetime member. He served a mission to Russia shortly after the country was opened for proselyting. He is a husband and father of two children. His work is in the computer software industry and his help with the original site creation was invaluable.