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Seventeen years ago, I purchased the domain name for not realizing why most websites had a .com suffix.  Having learned that com stands for commercial, made me wonder if .com was the right choice.  The site has never been a commercial venture.  Providing the content  free of charge has been a privilege and a blessing.  The site will always be free, but we would like our readers to know of a new project--it is a music CD of piano classics mashed up with popular LDS hymns.  The combination is a unique blend of the classical and sacred. 

This music, like the doctrinal website, is also prompted by personal experiences at church.  There was a time 25-30 years ago when many Sacrament meeting performances were classical pieces.  Then something changed. A new emphasis on the hymns meant that most of the music performed in church was some variation of accepted melodies.  Everyone scrambled for interesting hymn arrangements. Now there are plenty; back then, there were few.

"Beethoven's How Great Thou Art" is a CD full of popular hymn melodies combined with familiar classical pieces and performed in a classical style by a consummate concert pianist, Eugene Mursky.  The pieces are designed for sacrament meeting performance by more accomplished pianists.  The scores, CD's, and sample tracks are available at our new website, Please check it out.  

50% of the profits from the CD will be used to improve  Over the years, many readers have offered generous financial assistance.  Never have we accepted any, but the added funds may help us develop an app so that the content could be accessed on any device without being dependent on the internet. We are also working on making a Spanish Translation available.  One of our readers, Benjamin Hinojosa from Mexico City, has been kindly translating the Book of Mormon content without remuneration.  We are grateful for his hard work, and we are about ready to start posting his translations for 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi.  The potential to bless the lives of the Spanish speaking saints is exciting to contemplate.

We hope that with all the information inundating you in today's world, that the content from will continue to be useful in your study of the scriptures.  Paul said, "I have fed you with milk, not with meat" (1 Cor. 3:2).  At church, we continue to receive all the milk we want.  I appreciate the diligence of those who are looking for a heartier meal.  It seems to me there are two types of saints:  those who like milk and cookies before retiring to bed, and those who wake early to have steak and eggs before going to work.  God bless the latter.

--Bryan Richards, content director

--Ryan Constantine, webmaster


This website is designed to assist teachers and students of the gospel. The format is set up to provide more information on the most important topics in any given chapter of scripture. Specific quotes from the General Authorities are given to confirm the validity of the doctrine being taught and to provide good quotes for use in classes and talks. It is recommended that the reader read the commentary for the entire chapter, especially if looking for commentary on a phrase or verse that was not specifically referenced. If the same topic was dealt with elsewhere in the chapter, it may be discussed at length in another section.

It is the experience of the author/editor of this website that too many Sunday School classes and gospel discussions focus on the same superficial concepts, year after year. In the scriptures, there are a lot of profound truths which can help us understand God and how He would like us to live. Unfortunately, these are rarely brought into the discussion. Sometimes teachers are faced with teaching a myriad of different possible topics and make the mistake of trying to cover all of them or else they cover the less important subjects. It is hoped that this website will help improve gospel lessons, improve personal scripture study, and improve access to the doctrines of the Church.

One might argue that this website offers nothing new, that doctrinal commentary books have already been written and by more credible authors. This statement is true. There has been a great body of literature written to help us understand the scriptures. What makes this work unique is its availability on the internet; it is free, and it provides a collection of quotes from many different sources to paint a crystal clear picture of what the prophets are teaching. Decide for yourself whether it has any value. If you have any comments or criticisms (particularly if you're sure that false doctrine is being taught on this website), please let me know via the contact form.

Lastly, I need to explain the big picture for this website. We are pleased to announce that every chapter of the New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price has complete commentary.  Not so with the Old Testament.   While trying to keep the website up to date with recent conference material, we are also trying to finish a complete commentary on every Old Testament chapter.  However, since it has taken 12 years to produce commentary on the other standard works, the Old Testament will likely take quite some time to complete.  Still, much is already available and useful for review. 

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Bryan Richards


The following information is provided as a service to students of the gospel of Jesus Christ as believed by the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The information contained herein is meant to be doctrinally correct, but this website is not an official site of the church and none of the material contained herein is meant to represent the official stand of the church on any gospel topic.  Where possible, sources are listed to aid the reader to discern the validity of any given statement.  The creator/editor of this website takes full responsibility for the material contained herein.