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Site refreshed for 2017

Four years to the day, we are releasing a refresh of the website. All of the same content is here, but the underlying structure has changed somewhat. The primary benefit of this is that the website is now quite usable via phones and other mobile devices. There a a few things that still need work, but we think that the overall experience will be better. As usual, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Just use the contact form, under the About/Contact menu item to reach us.

--Ryan Constantine


Don't use zoom on your tablet!

If you are zooming on your tablet in order to make the text bigger and the new search box is getting in your way, try one of these three options...

  1. Use the +A button as many times as you want to enlarge the text.
  2. Use the printer-friendly version of the page, the link for which is found at the bottom of each scripture page.
  3. On Apple devices, there is a button on the left-hand side of the address bar that looks like horizontal lines and which represents a paragraph of text. Click it to show only the body of text on the page.

We changed the search features

You will find that you can now search within the major books - BoM, OT, NT, D&C, PoGP! There are two ways to do this.

  • First, you can use the old search tab at the top of the page to bring the search box down and then on the results page, select the book(s) you want to search within. This requires you resubmit the search.
  • Second, you will notice a new 'block' when you are inside a book, which sits just above the book's menu on the left. It says 'Search this book'. Submitting that search form takes you to the same results page method one does, but with your book of choice already selected. It saves you a step. Also notice that this search block will stay on the page if you scroll down so that you can always have the search feature at hand.

Let us know what you think. Results are sorted by relevance.

--Ryan Constantine

We added links to the Bible Videos

You will find that we added links to the Bible Videos that the church produces at the tops of the chapters to which they belong, as noted on the Bible Videos website. I thought about embedding the videos but figure links are better so you can have them open in a new window. Each link has a note indicating whether the video has orchestral music, no music, or is a combination video. A combination video is one where they combine several other videos and include music in order to capture a complete theme - like Christmas, or Easter. I hope you like this small addition.

--Ryan Constantine

Site Update 2013!

On January 1, 2013, got a facelift with new features such as an internal search engine, easier print and e-mail options, and many other needed features.  We thank Ryan Constantine for his hours and hours of work in making this upgrade possible.  He has done a great job with only the blessings of heaven for remuneration.