A Brief Explanation About The Book of Mormon

1) What portions of the Book of Mormon did Mormon write?

 A careful reading of the "explanation" reveals that Mormon abridged the large plates of Nephi from the Book of Mosiah until he recorded his own history in the Book of Mormon.  Therefore, he is responsible for pages143 - 481 in the English edition.  This represents a total of 338 pages out of 531, or just over 3/5 of the Book of Mormon.

2) What portions were abridged and which were not?

Books Description

1 Nephi          

2 Nephi          





These six books represent unabridged records made on the small plates of Nephi by the prophets whose names are listed.


Words of Mormon

This book represents Mormon's insert signifying the transition between the unabridged small plates and his abridgment of the large plates of Nephi. (See Words of Mormon 1:3-5)




3 Nephi

4 Nephi

Mormon (chap. 1-7)

These six books represent Mormon's abridgement of the large plates of Nephi and his own unabridged record.

Mormon (chap. 8-9)



This portion represents Moroni's work to finish the record. The Book of Ether is abridged by him (See Mormon 8:1)