Ezekiel 40-42

Ezekiel 40-42
The Millennial Temple of Jerusalem
In these three chapters, Ezekiel is shown the Jerusalem Temple. He measures its dimensions carefully (Ezek. 40-42). The description is detailed enough to create a visual representation of the temple with accuracy. Don't expect it to look like a typical LDS temple. It definitely won't look like the Salt Lake Temple.
The pattern is more consistent with the Temple of Solomon or the Temple of Herod. To the Jews, it will look like a temple should look. However, there will be higher ordinances performed in the most holy chambers, but Ezekiel only hints at these as his audience is completely unfamiliar with them.





The model above seems austere. In reality, there will be beautiful vegetation surrounding the temple. Each of the empty rectangles around the outer edges will have a towering palm tree (Ezek. 40:16).